Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Journal About Me: Hobbies

Hello! It is time for another art journal page for Tiare Smith Embrace Your Art Daily: Journal About Me. The topic is about hobbies! I do all my hobbies in the weekends, because this is the only time I have. I work in the weekdays 8hrs a day. I start my excitement during fridays, because the next day will be my biking time!!! I do a lot of riding my bike.. exploring places riding my bike, going to the grocery riding my bike, I even ride my bike to dry my hair after bath!!! Hahaha!!!! I draw and paint. I walk when my son  will use the bike. I eat while watching tv.

(Soryy I don't have Inktense)

Supplies needed:
- file folder cut into 6x6 inch 
- gesso 
- silky crayons 
- water spray 
- pencil 
- poster paints 
- alphabet stamps 
- black stamp pad ink

1. gesso file folder, let dry.
2. apply silky crayons, I use green, blue and yellow.
3. spray folder with water, let dry.

4. apply violet silky crayon at edges of page, spray again with water. let dry.

5. draw leaves and stems using pencil then apply paints. I use two layers of greens.

6. paint violets for the flower buds.

7. apply violet silky crayons into the edges of the leaves and stems.

8. stamp "my hobbies" into the page.

Thanks for looking. I hope you like it.

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