Monday, October 26, 2015

White & Orange Flowers Mixed Media Canvas

Hello beautiful friends, I would like to share to you my White and Orange Flowers painting that I made. This kept me busy for 2 weekends. Weekends lang ako nakakapag-paint and on weekdays I do art journal and watercoloring. I work and stay at my boss office and house and work for night shift. My boss is actually my bestfriend and I'm lucky enough that she let me stay in her house. Hindi naman malayo ang house namin, it is 45 minutes away. I can save money for not going home on weekdays. Thanks to my bestfriend Cynthia.

Supplies used: 24x36 in canvas, white gesso, Speedball modeling paste, Pebeo Studio Acrylic, spray paint, brushes.

To start with I primed my canvas with white gesso. Let dry.

Brush brown, white, yellow, blue and violet acrylic paint for the background. Let dry.

Apply same color of paints using No. 14 flat brush in dub stroke.

Brush with green. Let dry.

Apply modeling paste with flower stencil.

Apply first coat to some of the flowers. Draw some stems.

Brush orange.

Add details into the bacground.

This is the close up look of the flowers.
Drop by soon for my next tutorial.
Hope you like it. Thanks for looking.

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