Saturday, March 12, 2016

Journal About Me: My Nickname/Nicknames

Hello! I am too much late for Embrace Your Art JAM. And so I made one page for my short spare time with this very hot summer saturday morning! The journal about me is my nicknames/names my family and friends call me. My common nickname is KATES, i got this when I was in highschool, there are 3 students named Catherine/Katherine but I'm the only one with K. So we choose our nicknames, Cathy, Khay and Kates to avoid confusion. My second nickname is LOLA, this is my superfriends call me, all girls in our group is called lola and lolo for our boy superfriends. Here in the Philippines, lola is grandmother :) My mother call me CAKE, and I like eating cakes. And my sweetest name is MAMA, this is my children calls me..

Let's start my second page of my Journal About Me.

You will need
- 6x6 white file folder
- white gesso
- shades of red and green poster paints
- white, black poster paint
- pencil
- stamp (dots)
- clear glue (for varnishing)

1. Cut a 6x6 file folder and gesso. Color the background page with reds. Let dry.

2. Draw flowers.

3. Paint background with greens except of course the flowers and stems.

4. Outline flowers using black paint.

5. Write down nicknames.

6. Stamp dots into the edges of the page with white paint.

This is fun! I will make something like this on canvas soon! Thanks for looking. I hope you like it.

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