Friday, September 11, 2015

Lazy Daisies

Hello! Drop by to blog about this mini painting of  lazy daisies.  I'm a beginner and I love painting. Most of my paintings are photos taken from Pinterest.

My project is inspired by the photo below. 

Below are photos on how I made this mini painting.

These are acacia wood block 4"x4"x1". I bought it in a wood shop, I forgot the name of the shop but it is located in Barangay Talaga, Tarlac City. They are P25.00 each.

1. Clean wood.
2. Adhere scotch tape for the fence. 

3. Brush with white gesso. Let it dry.

4. Paint the background using Hooker's Green acrylic paint then with Cadmium Green.

5.  Paint lazy daisies in titanium white.

6. Don't forget the sides of the wood.

7. Remove tape. (Sorry about the blurry photo)
The fence is actually a lot better than the painted. 

My daisies looks like sunny side up eggs hahaha!
8. Paint the fence with brown.

Hope you like it. Thanks for looking.

Supplies: Acacia Wood Block, Pebeo Studio Acrylic Paints, Maries White Gesso

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