Monday, January 18, 2016


Hello beautiful friends! This post is my first post for 2016 and it is also my 500th blog post! Hopefully I can give away a gift for one of my likers at my Facebook page CJ Handmade Cards and Crafts. Soon! (It's just I am so busy that I don't have time to paint, make cards and can't stay long enough in my craft room. I even have a hard time to catch up with challenges and art journals. But last weekend, I gave time to make the first page for

This is my take on the challenge.
You will need:
- Journal page (I use an old book that I bought in Pandayan Bookstore for P75.00)
- gesso
- gel crayons
- baby wipe
- acrylic paints
- alphabet and flower stencils

1. Gesso page, let dry. Apply gel crayons using yellow, gold, cream and brown. Then wipe using baby wipe.

2. Trace flowers with flower stencil.

3. Paint with acrylic using pinks and reds, let dry and outline the flowers with black paint.

4. Paint stems and grass.

5. Mix dark and light green then again paint the grass.

6. Trace KATHERINE using alphabet stencil then paint with dark pink.

Done! My first page for art journal Just About Me (JAM). I'm a 2 week late for the challenge but that's okay. I wish I could have more time for this.
Thanks for looking. I hope you like it.

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