Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hong Kong Days

Hello! Sorry guys for not around for a while. Been out of the country for 5 days and stayed in Hong Kong with my bestfriend Cynthia. No cards today, but I have some pictures to show while I'm in Hong Kong. Hope you like them. :)

Going to Hong Kong! (Clark Airport Philippines going to Hong Kong)

This is Cynthia, my best friend. Thank you sis, I love you!

Hello Hong Kong! (Hong Kong Airport)

Trains to city.

I so loved this capture by my BFF Cynthia. Waiting train going to Kowloon.

Took this while in train. Hong Kong!

Tower 5 and Tower 6 of Harbour Place Hung Hom Kowloon. This is where we stayed. Cynthia's home in Kowloon.

We stayed in 31st floor and this is the view from her window. . So nice!

Lunch time!

Sweet Basil Thai Cuisine Tak Fung St., Whampoa Garden.

Hot Tea, Tom Yum Soup, Fried Pork with Salt and Fresh Pepper and Tofu. YUMMY!

Dine in Jimmy's Kitchen Hong Kong Ashley Road Kowloon

Mojito, Prawn Cocktail, Baked Escargot and a Tenderloin Steak with mashed potato and sweet pea.

Ashley Road Kowloon (I look thin in this picture hehe)

Hard Rock Cafe Hong Kong

Let's drink to that!

Filipino Hard Rock Cafe Hong Kong Bar Crews. Thanks guys for your hospitality.

Hello Philippines! I'm here at Disneyland Hong Kong!

That's it for now guys. Hope you enjoy looking my pics!
Cards soon! Love yah! :)


  1. I am so jealous! - looks like you are having a wonderful time :)

  2. Oh wow! How lucky for you! My husband wants to go to Hong Kong Disney! LOL! What a big kid huh? hahaha! I think he wants to visit every since Disney park. Ay na ko! Anyhow, enjoy your vacation!!!! Take care!