Saturday, January 2, 2010

Holiday Pictures

Here are some pictures to share to you before and during Christmas and New Year Holidays here in the Philippines.

Dec 24 2009 Pics:

My Rein, my Joy

and friends at Cynthia's house.

Dec 25 2009 Pics:

From left to right: Mommy (my mom), Rein, Joy, Me-Katherine (I have sore eyes during the holidays hu hu hu) and Allen (nephew). We are spending Christmas every year in Manila at my mom's sister Auntie Eling.

Christmas in Manila with relatives.

Back home here in Capas, Tarlac - From left: Mommy, Allen (nephew), Rein (my son), Summer(niece), Miguel(newphew) and Mye (my sister).

Dec 29 2009
Pics of my Dominican School (Highschool) Batch 1990 Christmas Party!
DS 1990 batchmates (Me at the back holding the tripod).

Look at the guys at the back kissing: Toks and Jays! They are not gays hehehe they are just that sweeet! hahaha! From left: Elner, Joseph(foot), Rhoda, Shey (closest friend), Cathy, Jopat (Youngest Colonel in Philippine National Police - PNP)-Proud that he is our classmate and schoolmate in highschool! and me in violet with teary red eyes!

Mga Babae ng Decada Nubenta ng Republica ng Pilipinas! :)

Dec 31 2009 Pics
Kuya Ed's House
(Kuya means older brother)

Dizon Family

Katherine, Mommy, Ed and Mye

Rein, Summer, Joy, Ciara

My Joy and my Rein-My Life

Thanks for looking!
Happy New Year to All!


  1. Thanks for sharing! Great pics! Happy New Year!