Thursday, September 3, 2009

What I do and my Kates store

I woke up late this morning and did a few exercises. At least 30 counts of knee ups, 200 counts of twist using twisting board and a 5 mins. jogging. At my age, I need to loose weight and change my eating "attitude": AVOID EATING PORK, EAT VEGETABLES AND FISH. Here in the Philippines, we filipinos always cook pork dishes because it is the only food that we can afford to buy. Buying a kilo of pork is P175.oo per kilo (2 meals: for lunch and dinner) while the fish like the milk fish or "bangus" is P125.00 per kilo (1 meal alone)... Anyway, my mother and I went to market this morning, walking. My mom is incharge of cooking, planning of the food we eat every meal and gardening ehehe. And I, being the head of the fam, I am incharge of every expenses in the house, like paying the salary of the housekeeper, bills, education, etc.. Thanks to my store and to my few lending biz... ;) with this I can pay all the expenses. After market going back to our house, I will open my store at 8 a.m., there I will start my work.. I sell school supplies, toys, canned goods, snacks, candies and soda.. this what I do everyday of my life just to provide the needs of my children.

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